Durga and the fun-fair

The soft mul cotton brushed against my skin each time I walked. Airy and light as a feather. Summer friendly and in this I will want to be a part of the flash mob. Well, we were a week back going through one of the hottest months of the year and the Bengali Carnival co-incided….

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Every Lehenga has a story! The Hunt I am always on a hunt for a dressmaker, whose only competency is to be able to transform my quirks to a whole outfit and do it effortlessly. People who know me also know about my OK tailors back in Kolkata. He has stitched me some gorgeous pieces….


In the midst of this chaotic-running-errands kinda day, sometimes, someday our eyes get awestruck by that one expressive dramatized conversation. And, we stop to listen. Almost thinning into a magnetic state. This story is about being the one who can be the reason behind creating situations similar. Finding and replacing the ‘clothes’ to ‘eye-makeup’ in…

A whole linear drama

Practical & straight forward sometimes.. drama, and depth sometimes. The dressing up scene is so much fun. If someone pinpoints and asks me what is your style? I will be so confused. I will answer vague. With such  an awesome range of styles around, why restrict? I love to flow. I love to explore. I…

Stylish Selfie break

Instagram suggest that throwback is only Thursday. I feel like it today! That’s a loo break selfie during an APAC meet;) The tweed feel grey and white dress from H&M is very chic & comfortable. The best things about this dress are its sleeves and its fall. It accentuates the curves just right. It is…