The stories that you tell

The stories you tell makes your life
The story always attracts the spotlight
Change the way you tell your stories. Its Magic!

Bye Bye 2017: You have been fab!

A thank you note for you! Thank you for being there, listening to me, exploring with me and being my constant support. This post is a wrap up of what I wrote in 2017. Gratitude 🙂

Losing weight is not your life’s Purpose

To me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It is about knowing & accepting who you are. If this quote has touched the right cord in you, then this post is for you.

Check out this Ganesh Chaturthi

A post about a simple yet crisp look which can be worn from festivals to brunch with family events. I have worn it to office too in one of those mood for power dressing days.

Power of now!

The little pleasures of being in the now! After getting back from my recent travel, I kept telling to friends that I am back to my routine. That’s when it struck me that routine is so mundane and I have made it sound like that. I don’t really see things around, what goes by, what…

A for Aqua Aerobics

I witnessed that sight again today. Opened my eyes to watch the sun rise, peeping out of a tall concrete building and some greenery. The sunrays filtered through glass doors trees glittered in the water of the swimming pool.The aqua blue pool. We had just finished our workout in water. Chanted our Om together neck…