The Swedish Midnight Sun

This is how a work travel becomes a life time experience. I brought back memories of midnight sun phenomenon. What is your experience of Midnight Sun?

The Long Weekend

What is it that you are longing to do? How was your long weekend? Have you checked out some places in your city? I did

Love for love story

It’s the Chloe love I am talking about. The mesmerizing whiff of this one makes me watch a movie from French country side. Yes, that’s the connection that I draw of this essence. It’s fresh like a lily, intoxicating as a jasmine and sensual as citrus-y orange. This Love story has been on my mind. Every…

Power of now!

The little pleasures of being in the now! After getting back from my recent travel, I kept telling to friends that I am back to my routine. That’s when it struck me that routine is so mundane and I have made it sound like that. I don’t really see things around, what goes by, what…

Skin care essential: from the Dead Sea

In my last post on Scalp Care, I shared my winter weather damage and its quick remedy. Keeping the winter weather as a theme, I plan to share my absolute winter essentials. I am kind of OD’ing on beauty talks and skin care talks for the last few posts. Guess, the last quarter deserves some…