Marine Drive – taking a break

Have you been to Marine drive in Mumbai? The queens Necklace sight is breath taking.
Make a note, if in Mumbai – chilling in Marine Drive is a must

#Bali: Time to travel?

Is it the right time to Visit Bali? I couldn’t say a “No” for this enchanting land. I pray for our Bali trip to be beautiful, Peaceful & Safe.

The Swedish Midnight Sun

This is how a work travel becomes a life time experience. I brought back memories of midnight sun phenomenon. What is your experience of Midnight Sun?

Right things, Bulls eye at Barca!!

Some years ago, while watching Javier Bardem in Vicky Christina Barcelona, I fell in love with the city and its vibes. When the trip was being planned with a very close, special and dear buddy, it was the easiest to zero down on a country. Spain it is!! So, we landed in Barcelona. Barcelona the…

One step up SEOULcity: Work visit to Seoul: Part 2/4

*scroll for picture at the end 17th January 2016  No not yet at Psy and big bang. Infact, I did not explore Klive(digitalization at its best) this time but the up-beat tempo was in the air. Incheon International airport welcomes me each time with the ever-smiling staff, convenient infrastructure and huge area with white aura. Yes,…

Work visit to Seoul: Part 1/4

My previous post was about preparations on Korean chill. Now, I share the 5 days of my Korean travel.These blogposts will have my take on all what I experienced. The range is from what Airline I took to what food I ate and all the magical experiences, some e-postcards too. So, hang in there and read…