Marine Drive – taking a break

It was a hot & humid day. The skies were taking a break from their usual roars, thunders and downpours.

There was a girl who sat on the promenade looking at the horizon, the skylight for long. She was also taking a break from that absorbing gaze to talk to the boy sitting next to her. May be they were meeting after months of being in a lockdown or may be they were just taking a break from their routine work of home.

The promenade of Marine drive looked bright, clear, quite. The place reverberated with the sounds of crashing waves. The day was breezy & the other people who were scantily present that day were happy behind the masks.

The day was relaxed, the day seemed to have taken a break from the mad rush that never paused earlier.

I witnessed the pause that day.
I caught the breeze.
I witnessed the sunset.
I caught the excitement of families on a Sunday evening.
I witnessed the heart of Mumbai, the Marine Drive which is the curving coastline yet again.

Marine drive has my heart. Will always have. Hence the first stop out of home when the city started opening up a little was Marine Drive.

What is your story of Marine Drive?

I have my intimate story with this city called Mumbai. 18 years and still going strong. I knew it as Bombay, explored the city when i started just about earning in my first job, then the next phase had me celebrate big & small milestones. This city has my heart & Marine Drive is this city’s heart.

Have you added it to your ‘Must Visit’ in your travel to Mumbai, India?

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