3 important steps |Curly Girl Method

Curly hair is not a trend, its a lifestyle !!

Techniques matter more than the products. This post is about 3 important steps of hair care!! There are no rules here, only guidelines!!

Note: The Curl Girl Method involves a few specific, sequential steps. You can swap products as you see fit, as long as you’re following the guidelines for ingredients and how long to use each product.


I started with a no sulphate/ no silicon/no paraben / no drying alcohol shampoo (then switched to Co-washing)

Basically, I started with low-poo cleansing & moved eventually to no-poo cleansing (CG lingo ). My hair loves co-washing.

What is Co-washing? It is conditioner washing & no, you cannot use your regular conditioner to Cowash. They are botanical cleansing conditioners.


I was using a moisturizing enough conditioner from before. Which is similar to my shampoo. (No Sulphate, No silicon, No paraben & ofcourse no drying alcohol)

I have heard a lot of people like to leave some conditioner in their hair. Well, I don’t. Mentally I have a block. I get a feeling that it will block my pores on my scalp.

  • I don’t leave my conditioner on my hair.
  • I rinse it all out with cold water.
  • I don’t apply it on my scalp.
  • I apply it away from the roots.

In this step – i use a leave-in cream. Its like a moisturizer that i use for the skin.

Step 3: STYLE

In this step, I use products, which help my hair to be styled (naturally). what it means is, I am training my hair to go back to its natural texture. Tapping into hair’s muscle memory.

This hair care method is a journey. Continuity is the key.

Products I use :

  • Curl Cream
  • Curl flax seed gels / styling light gels

The Curly Girl Method was introduced to a wider audience by hairstylist Lorraine Massey, founder of the Devachan Salons. You can read about it in her handbook.

So, what products did I need to start & continue my curly girl method journey?
  1. Sulfate/clarifying shampoo (to detox my hair) – i do it once a month.
  2. Sulfate free shampoo (regular use) / CoWash. I like to CoWash.
  3. Moisturizing conditioner
  4. Leave-in-conditioner
  5. Curl cream . I added this recently.
  6. Gel. (You can also make DIY Flaxseed gel at home)

So lets get started, shall we?

Have you read my post on 4 golden rules before you start bringing home products for Curly Girl Method?

Pour in your thoughts? Questions, information, knowledge.

Till my next post. xoxo

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