The stories that you tell

This post is about mindfulness! Being present to the stories we tell about ourselves. An absolute personal take on narration.

I attended a workshop by a dear friend on stories and peeling the 5 layers of it. You can find out the work she does as a Life Coach (Facebook: Joyous Leadership).

The topic of the workshop was very intriguing and hence I said a yes. Not knowing what is the agenda and was I supposed to do some reading before just arriving. Without thinking too much I landed up there for a 3 hour conversation. A conversation where I was present to explore. To know about the stories, not from a moralistic view point but from the belief system we grew up on. The though processes we built on our way and still carry them and tell the world as ours. Sometimes the stories are also that of what our parents told us and what they carried through their parents. Like a cascading effect.

Here the stories are not true or false, they are just Like a narrative based on our experiences.

How do we tell our stories? Pay attention! A conscious re-look at how we present the fairytale, mytho tale or our own tale.

I grew up as a strong woman. Strong women solve all situations and have a mind of their own. I grew up on stories how my mom, grandmom, aunty living next door handled life and brought out their mental strength. It holds true for men in the house too. This post isn’t about strong women. This post is about “being mentally strong” story.

We say things like, I will be able to handle it and I am absolutely ok (read – doing fine). The guilt trip that we go through if it is not exactly as per the societal story line. Stories of a particular age to finish school. A particular way to get the marriage arranged. A particular biological clock to have babies. And a particular reasoning of what goes on in the head if babies don’t happen normally. A particular way a man should be and a particular way a woman should be. Not false but just another perspective.

Life isn’t about scheme of things but i-will-handle-it story makes it even more difficult.

As I grew older and more conscious, I realized the first step to handle anything is acknowledging it & acceptance and not hiding. The acceptance of situation and being with it. That’s when the story telling starts to shift. The judgment in the head dissolves. Perspective expands

I am still telling my stories and sometimes clinging on to it but I am also practicing being present to it. Being mindful

Change your story and heal the world. Your world!

The stories you tell makes your life

The story always attracts the spotlight

Change the way you tell your stories. Its Magic!

img_0021img_0053These pictures are from my most favourite trip to Assam. I spent 2 days with these kids. The stories they tell were from the heart. they spoke about them with twinkle in their eyes and giggle in their voice. They made learning fun.

What is your fun story?

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