Modern Classic – #AboutALook

A flattering dress which was kept in my closet nicely dry cleaned for years. It sat pretty in my stack of evening wears. I had worn it once before on my best friend’s wedding after party, gathering a lot of compliments that and lot of pictures in her wedding album.

I took it out as I has something classy and something modern tuning on my mind for that evening. As they say, its a lot better the second time around 😉

About the dress

This dress is a classic in my head for the fabric, colour and the cut. This colour like a canvas can be styled and worn with as many colours as you wish to. Accessories of gold or rose gold to the brightest of orange can bring out every essence on a white dress. An absolute delight to play with styling it.

This dress is also modern and all thanks to the ruffles & one shoulder pattern. The grand ruffles on one shoulder is the cherry-on-the-cake. Brings out the feminine and the flirty look. Ruffles is a trend that caught up last year and i can see that its here to stay. My love for ruffles is only growing.

Where did I buy it from:

I had picked this dress from a small pop up boutique some where in Mumbai. If you like this dress and want to flaunt such ruffles, then here are 2 links that has similar dresses. I see a huge discount too. I am not too sure about the fabric but I am sure you will do your own bit of research before picking It up.

One bit of caution! You may get obsessed with ruffles once you buy one.

Earrings: Tassle green from Lovisa, Singapore. Check out Pipa Bella for amazing options. 
Shoes: To complete the look, I paired it up Charles & Keith’s Ankle strap furry sandals.
Online Shopping links – Dress


This post is not a sponsored one. I have shared these links for reference reasons only.

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