13 reasons why, Bali Vacation!

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

I fell for Bali (& how). There so much to offer. A lot to Eat, a lot to Love & with every second block as a sacred space, surely a lot to pray. 3 nights & 4 days is definitely not enough for a leisure.

Oh yeah! the Volcano threw up smokes few weeks ago but what I saw when we reached was jam-packed with tourists on scooters or the tiny public transport called Kura-Kura on roads. A lot of them!!

20 minutes drive from the airport, we reached Sheraton Bali, Kuta. A Luxe hotel which has a beautiful ocean view. This hotel is attached to the beachwalk mall. A unique & luxurious landmark which cannot be missed. Well, I am not going to talk about this mall. It’s just a landmark indication.

So, if you are in Bali for 3N-4D, first time…Just like me. Then you must explore Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud & Nusa Dua as per the local I met on the beach.

Kuta is the most common place anyone visits. Surfer’s paradise it is. Take a long walk in the beach stretch and you will meet a lot of local guides who can teach you how to surf in just 20 minutes. Alright, that’s just the beginners. The pro ones can head up to Nusa Dua or Gili Island. Nusa Dua is an hour and half from Kuta but for Gili Island one needs to stay overnight.

I missed going to Ubud and I am already planning another trip to Bali (in my head).

13 reasons why, I wanted Bali as a year-end Vacation.

  1. I have been dreaming of Bali for its villas & its private pool vibes.
  2. Neon orange sunsets
  3. I visualized a belly dance retreat in the midst of lush jungle
  4. Coral reefs & some snorkelling
  5. Crochet hats & crashing waves
  6. Infinity pool scenes. Bali houses Infinity pools which are best in the world
  7. Chilled out music clubs & cliff bars
  8. Sipping on exotic tropical drinks
  9. The delightful Balinese cuisine that offers a mind-blowing assortment of indulgences
  10. Walk into an art village wearing my flip-flops & crochet hat. Wood work is fab
  11. Hidden pristine beaches
  12. A picture between the Bali façade which reminds me of Bookends
  13. Swing in the Abyss

Out of the bucket list here, only some happened and the rest are calling me again.

Till then, here is my photo story.

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation


13 Reasons Why Bali Vacation

Promise me you will wake up in Bali, one day!

Happy travels in 2018

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