Bye Bye 2017: You have been fab!

“For the last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice”

T.S Elliot

The year 2017 has been fantastic & what blogging did to me personally is superlative. Each post on my blog or a story on my Instagram journal’d my experiences of this super quick year. The year 2017 had its highs & lows like every year but what I spoke and wrote had an extra edge. As it sure did make it extra special for me. Each comment & each like from you meant that we created a significant positive impact around us. Cheers to the world we have and that we will make together.

I have been blogging since 2010 but never publishing them. The step that I took towards sharing my opinions, experiences, point of views has made me show up in the world in my uniqueness. Now I know, what being vulnerable and yet being rooted means. The tiny doubts combined with excitement right before clicking “Publish” is a different high. Embracing all the feedback – the good ones and not so good ones are all a part of it. It refined my thoughts, it rewarded me, it connected me to the “tribe”, to the circle, it opened up a world without border. I discovered & I experimented. Still on the go & loving it!

Well, this post is about what I wrote and did this whole year round. The year brought me a lot of travel. They say, what you seek is seeking you. 2017 has been the epitome of it.

The places that I explored are… Dubai, Gothenburg (Sweden), Beijing & Shanghai (China), Colombo & Galle (Srilanka) & wrapping it up with Singapore & Bali. Visited Chennai (South – India) after almost 20 years & Guwahati (North-East India). Each travel experience has been unique in its own way. I have shared some and some are for later.

These are some more of my posts which I wrote sneaking out time from my work. The online creation of these posts has been a powerful journey of self-discovery & growth. My absolute take-away.

These pictures are linked; click on them to see what I spoke about all year round.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead! Are you doing something that inspires you every bit? Don’t have a resolution this year, have a goal. All you have to do is start!


Ostruck_Nautical Stripes

Swedish Midnight Sun
Hotel Shillim@Travel
Beyond Kamakhya

Stylish way to wear a Crochet



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