Airport Look: What I wear when I fly?

Air travels more than 5 hours, yells “comfort” in my ears. I love to travel light. Most often, I check-in most of the stuffs in hand. Sometimes carry almost an empty stroller to put in anything extra at all and keep my hands free. My hand bag goes right back in, after all the security check & immigration.

Comfort is always the priority in what I wear on the flights too. These are the few things I wear or keep handy. My musts for flight comfort.

This post is specifically for the economy seats & not for business Travels. Well, for me nothing much changes actually. I dress up for the Air travel well & comfortably! Ditch the contact lens too!

Who says, comfort isn’t stylish. Play around with colours, combinations & fits.

  1. Comfort Active wear pants & tee 

    Depends on which country I am travelling to, the fabric of the track pants changes. But, in more than many long haul flights that I have taken recently, the only thing which made me comfortable are track pants. I put my feet up on the seat and the stretchy fabric helps movements easy.

    Jeans has never been my favorite. But the next best option after Active wears is a maxi dress. Easy, flowy, breathable. It sometimes gets difficult during security checks though.

    The point is to be easy, comfortable & ready for a nap in that confined area that you have been allotted to.

    Something like this : A printed track pants

  2. A light jacket with a pocket, hoodie preferable 

    My personal must have. Keeps me warm and adds on a relaxed swag. The flights get freezing cold mid air and hence the hoodie come to the rescue.

    My favourite green hoodie: Click here

  3. The most comfortable trainers / sports bra 

    A sure shot no no are the underwired bras. Bralettes or comfortable sports bra are the best bet for the all night – long haul flights.

  4. Flat shoes with Light socks 

    How many of you have wondered on how do people wear high heels for a travel? They walk in them all over the Airport. Its quite a bit of a walk! Well, for Boots I understand. We want to save on that space.

    I am not the one who wears heels to take a flight. Not even the flight which is just an hour long.

    Sneakers or the flats that are easy to slip on & off. Remember there are security protocols sometimes at different airports

  5. Hand cream & moisturizer 

    I would love to wear the sleep mask in one of the flights. That’s my wish 😉

    Well, the skin needs hydration. So, apart from drinking a lot of water keep your skin well hydrated and supple.

  6. Lip Balm 

    Airplane air is dry and this can create havoc on your lips. So, get your favorite flavor and get smearing

    These 6 things are from what-I-do list!! It’s a piece of sharing.

    I sign off till the next post with something I love to say..

“Once a year, go to someplace you have never been before”

Happy Holidays and have a comfortable flight

I love airport pictures with the luggage trolley 😉

IMG_7746 (4)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. arv! says:

    At least someone resonates my thought that jeans are worst thing to wear when you are traveling. I prefer fatigues as it is easier to stash your passport/ boarding pass/staple visa in one of the large pockets. Jeans are real bad when it comes to storing your stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Komal says:

    All 6 essential things covered
    Absolutely bang on!!
    Similar air travel concept’s i also prefer
    Comfy long dress or track pants..comfy shoes.. N relaxed mindset
    ( keeping some buffer time before flight helps in enjoying your airport – pre flight time)

    Some moisturiser.. Yeah a must.. along with avoiding carbonated drinks n sipping water n lemon

    I also carry one extra pair of clothes for long flights..
    Spills n oops moments can happen with anyone..

    For documents tickets etc.. I like to carry a kangaroo pouch…it stays on my waist.. easier to handle n hands r free…

    Travelling light is all about keeping clear concepts n balancing..
    You can’t avoid essentials. But keeping light is the way to enjoy your travel….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OStruck - A Lifestyle Blogger says:

      Oh ofcourse and extra pair. Remember my Singapore morning when I reached and my luggage didn’t


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