#Bali: Time to travel?


This picture is taken from http://www.bali-indonesia.com

December is always the busiest month in Bali. But the tourist flocking is thinning this year for obvious reasons.

Mt. Agung threw up smokes end of November! The magnificence of the mountain was scary & breathtaking at the same time.

And for me,It is an instinctive take on my travel plans to the enchanting Bali, that we should just go ahead with it!

Well, unlike most of my trips Bali needed some pre requisite information.

Had a long chat with my travel agent on..

  1. What is the status right now with the travellers in Bali?
  2. Are people going ahead with Bali travels or are they cancelling it?
  3. What does my insurance cover include?
  4. What can the Indian Embassy do incase if the flights get cancelled
  5. The first contact to depend on or rely on incase of emergency.
    1. Flight help-desk
    2. Hotel

Life is back to normal for the islanders. The air is clean. And I pray that it stays like that.

It was in August that we decided to plan our year end trip to Bali. The plans were made, well actually the tickets were booked. The end of the year vacation was sealed now.

We got busy with work till the volcano erupted in Bali. Close friends and their daughter were in this beautiful Indonesian island to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Hence, we got even more involved in what was happening in Bali. What were they doing? Are they safe?

The tourists were stranded in that island as the flights stood cancelled for 2.5 days. My friends had their flight back on a Tuesday which was the 2nd day of non working airport. More than 400 flights were cancelled due to volcanic ash in the air.

The anticipations plumed like the smoke and R & S with their daughter decided to move to safety – out of the Island. The tourists around took very similar call. The next best thing for them was to take a road travel to the nearest island, which was almost 10 hours by road. The island had an airport with flights taking off.

An anxious, worrisome & long road travels with very less support from the Indian embassy making it a tiring & expensive journey back home was an ordeal. Having said that the flip side and the positive side is that their trip showed them the sight of an erupting Volcano. If you imagine the sight, it is straight out of a Hollywood movie.

We were all very worried. Are now happy that they are back home safe. Returned back home with some beautiful memories of this beautiful island.

Thoughts in our head Now!!

Closer to our vacation dates and our thought process goes full swing from one end to the other. Sometimes, questioning on should we go? And sometimes deciding on “yes” we should. Every thing is absolutely normal. The place we are staying is 72 kms away. The air is clear. Tourists are still going there and not cancelling their trip.

The airlines are not anymore publishing travel precautionary updates / alerts. The last was till 4th of December 2017

SPG group, Sheraton is in constant touch with me and are telling me that Bali is absolutely fine, with air clear and they have no alerts from the Indonesian MET site.

In moments of doubt, TRUST your gut, hug your loved one & drink some wine;)

I surrender my intent to visit Bali – the peaceful, beautiful island and have an amazing time there.

The guardian angels & Universe is listening and weaving their magic.

We will witness a beautiful, peaceful & Safe Bali this trip.

#ComeOnToBali #26thDecember2017

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