Trending gift ideas for Christmas 2017

What’s for Christmas folks? I hope you are having a big build up towards the big day. Making most of the cheer outside, the fests, Christmas markets, decorations in the neighborhood.

This season demands “Christmas” as a salutation. The season to be jolly. The season of changing weather all over the world. The season to party, to take vacation & to meet & dine with family. Exchange good wishes and gifts too

The cheer in the air swells up just like the raisin soaked in the rum for the cake. Btw, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If not, then a here is a list of gift ideas to make your Christmas gifting easy. Go all Natural! Au Naturel. All natural products have been a huge hit these days. And is a huge hit this Christmas too. Natural products are silicon free, paraben free and against animal cruelty. It also supports sustainability.

The target audience for these gifts is someone who is over 27 years of age. For someone who loves to pamper themselves

For me gifting philosophy is either of the 3: in short, thoughtful!

  • An experience & obviously of utility
  • Something that they will usually not buy
  • A new trend of the season.

My top picks are..

  1. Forest Essential: Soundarya Radiance Cream

This is my second buy of the bottle, already. Love the texture, the aroma and the feel on my skin. It definitely has a golden sheen on my skin. That’s all those 24 carat gold from the product;). Soundarya is their best selling product and I don’t doubt it one bit. It suited me fantastic. I have a dry skin and the way the skin is absorbed into my skin is a wonder, leaving it supple.


  1. Forest Essential: Cane Sugar & Tamarind

A body polish in this weather is a must. Do it and you can thank me later. The fragrance is drool worthy as soon as you unbox the product tub. The lady in the store mentioned about a therapeutic angle to this polish. The pure tamarind pulp hydrates the skin.

  1. Kerastase: Aura botanica shampoo & conditioner

A shampoo which is recommended even to a kid. 99% natural product. The shampoo & conditioner is a combined product which will give maximum results when used together. My hair feels light and the fragrance is delicious and one of my main reasons to buy this. A recent visit to Enrich salon had a aroma experience counter. I was sold on this product right there.

You can buy it at Amazon


  1. Spa Ceylon: De-stress relaxing Body Cleanser

This deserves a complete blog post. I found out about the brand from my family visit to Srilanka. A luxurious Ayurveda brand from Ceylon. The packaging and styling of these products in their store made me feel like a little girl in a candy store. I wish I could pick up all. But, when I asked the store assist about what I should definitely pick. He pointed me towards the De-stress range. A sensory treat for your everyday bath.

Mumbai has a store in R City Mall.


  1. Spa Ceylon: Eau de Ceylon collection

From the same store in Srilanka, I picked the kaffir lime for myself and another Mandarin for mom. This is their innovative range blended with essential oil. Splash of this delight post my bath takes me to my childhood when mom would dab her cologne on her handkerchief.

  1. Miu Miu: Perfume

My cousin came bearing gifts, this was the sparkles in my goodie bag. She usually likes to buy smaller bottles of perfumes. Easy to carry in your handbag while you travel. She likes to try different variety of perfumes. This blue little bottle of Miu Miu (L’eau Bleau) is from their latest collection and is fresh for a day wear. I love Miu Miu as a brand and also the name.


  1. 3INA: Colourful mascaras, foundation & gel based cleanser

A Spanish brand famous for its colours. They launched in India very recently. This is read as (Meen-Nah). Discover the pop of colours in their store. I picked up a purple mascara to gift. The make up cleanser leaves the skin hydrated and the 3-in-1 foundation gets a twinkle in my eyes. A very smooth total coverage solution.

Mumbai has a store in Inorbit Mall Malad


  1. Laneige: Sleeping mask for lips

A Korean brand which uses hydro as a technology. A lip mask is a great gift. If you have seen or heard of the sleeping mask for skin, then they have gone niche and launched something specific for the lips. My colleague from Singapore gifted it to me when we met at a conference in China. Have been loving it. This product is available online in India


  1. Kiehl’s: Midnight recovery concentrate

My favorite. 4 drops of this essential oil and dab it on your skin to feel flawlessly luxurious. The ink blue bottle with a pump has some gooood stuff inside. I have been using it for the past 2 years or more and every morning my skin looks balanced, plump and bright. A brilliant serum for a night care

  1. A handwritten letter with lots of holiday wishes and a brilliant new year

How long has it been that you wrote a letter to someone? How about using that handmade paper and writing something special for each guest you plan to call over for the next lunch/dinner. Or simply post a post card and bring a smile. Let me know how was the experience when you receive a response to your letter (via a call, face to face or even a letter) I will be waiting.

I have used these products personally and trust me the aroma and feel of each one is mesmerizing. They are rich & luxurious and absolutely apt for a gift.

These thoughts are my personal take away and these brands at the stores totally sold it to me because they are “All Natural” and smell all so divine J

Have an aromatic Christmas, you all. xoxo

Happy shopping & happy holidays


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