Taj Mahal Tea House: Straight out of a book

Name of the place: Taj Mahal Tea House

Location: Bandra (Mumbai, India) 

Old world charm with some fusion food. This is what this place is all about. And to top it all, its all infused with love and only love. From the walls to the wall art, hand picked furniture to the floor mosaic.

I sat there thinking and feeling like a character from a book which was written here in this charming villa. The villa is also a character out of that book and the writer is building up a fiction from the props around.

Well, here I am talking about a gorgeous bungalow converted to a tea house. The Portuguese décor and mixology of anything about tea. Creativity at its best, presented in the form of hot and cold drinks with a base of tea. The food is also inspired by tea as an ingredient, well most of it. The rest to offer are the ones which compliment as a dish with it. Absolute point on food pairing.

Why should you visit this place?

  1. It’s a guarantee that your friends and family will love the place, the food, the service & ofcourse the tea.
  2. If you like a bit of me-time then have it with style. Try this place out for some “me time”
  3. You are a tea lover. This is a place to try variety from an option of 40 of those.
  4. You are looking for some fine tea options as gifts. Gifts for every occasion
  5. You enjoy classical music when out to dine
  6. You love quite corners & nooks in this bustling city called Mumbai
  7. You loved the ad “Waah Taj”. Find a tribute to zakir hussain’s tabla. Don’t miss that spot
  8. You are a book lover and love the cafés which have tiny bookshelves, lamps & rocking chairs
  9. You love pretty background to your pretty pictures
  10. You have once dreamt of owning a book café in a hill station. Well, just the hill station was not a part of their plan

Tea in India is an emotion. We all have memories attached to it. Early morning cup with newspaper that take you back to your parent’s house, or the “cutting” chai at the “tapri” right outside your college for that break you took to feel energised  The wedding house which boasts about tea on a burner and almost on an assembly line because the gathering is never complete with out sipping on some hot ginger tea. Tea in an earthen pot to tiny paper cups of hot tea during the train journey    

If you are already planning to add it to your #mustvisit place in December, check for their winter menu. I picked up the Rum & Raisins tea and came back with an idea to throw a tea party at home.

For, what to order infood, you cant go wrong in picking the right dish. Just listen to your inner voice. Yes, its that simple J

Check out some pictures from my first visit. These pictures were taken on my birthday last year. January 2016

Taj Mahal Tea House







If you have your personal experience of his place then write to me and lets together make this as a fantastic experience for all.

Thanks for stopping by. Love & only love

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