2 days in Guwahati #WhereisNorthEast

This post is about my work travel experience to the city of Guwahati. Here is an easy 3 sure things to do when you are visiting this city.

Guwahati, no wonder this is called a Gateway to Northeast. What a Gateway it is!! I came back on a high from this place and craving for more. I set out intent today to explore the northeast.

A world in itself.

Seriously cut off from the rest of India. Cut off from the dirt, filth, regressive mindset, and all what is not relevant for being a beautiful place and a progressive nation. The mindset is in real sense very progressive. It is a Matriarchal society. This in no way means that Masculine energies in that land are any less. This means the feminine energies are mobilized and are at par there. The women in their own power and are happily co-exiting with their men counterparts or partners.

Culturally very rich and this place lets you take back its vibes in abundance for it to spread.Guwahati is one of the 100 fastest growing cities in India. A very important city as it is accessible to the other seven places of North East.

3 sure things, if not more..

Visit the Kamakhya Temple :

They say, if you visit Guwahati without visiting this temple. Then the goddess calls you back. I am glad she does that because otherwise, one will miss the cleanest temple existing. One can walk around barefoot, that’s the clean I am talking about.

This is a center of power, and I bet on anything if you do not feel the power energies there. Kamakhya Temple is one of the most venerated temples in the country and the earliest of the surviving ancient monuments in Assam.

Located at the top of Nilachal hills and the drive is breath-taking. Mighty green & the air so clean. Skies are blue and lovely too. Thatched roofed house peep out of the green bushes once in a while.

The month of November, December & January experience a winter that is chilly. And June has a festival known as Ambubachi. The goddess is known as a bleeding goddess and that is the time when the doors are closed because she is bleeding. Also believed that mother earth is bleeding at that time. She gets some rest J People get their to witness her when the doors open. It’s a carnival around that time. Now that you know about it, a visit to this festival should be in your bucket list. Right? But if you are crowd shy then, you must plan your trip to Kamakhya not in June.

It is advisable to connect with a Panda who can arrange a VIP pass of Rs 500 per person for a quick tour inside the temple otherwise a normal line may take you 3-4 hours. We had our Shri Nalini Sharma as a guiding angle.

A drive beyond Kamakhya is my personal recommendation. Check out the mighty Bhramaputra and a panoramic view of this gorgeous city.

The roads so beautiful
At the steps of the Temple
The mighty Brahmaputra
Beyond Kamakhya

Assam Silk as collectibles

The silk route. I have always been in love with Assam Silk – Muga, Eri and Pat silk. The differences between these silks are based on which leaf is the silkworm feeding on. All these silks become better in luster, softness with each wash.

Sericulture is carried on from Ahom Dynastry. I will not really get into the history but what I wanted to draw attention to is that the silk production is that ancient.

These are expensive weaves and we are losing our weavers to fast fashion. If you love sarees then an Assam silk should be a part of your collectibles and when in Guhahati, definitely give a visit to the Sualkuchi. Half an hour drive from Guwahati, Sualkuchi is also called as the ‘Manchester of the East.

I did not have enough time to visit Sualkuchi but didn’t leave a chance to buy some silks. I picked mine from Silkalay in the city center. They have an online presence, check it out http://silkalay.com/

My maternal side of the family is from Burma and then they settled down in Digboi of Assam. Hence the language, food, fashion sense, mindset etc at home (mom’s side) has Assamese influence. A silk Chador has been handed over from my grandma to my mom and it’s obvious that it will come to me. We take pride in these heirlooms 😉

Muga Silk
Old picture in Muga Silk from my brother’s wedding

Assamese Local Cuisine

Food becomes the most important part of my travel journey. I eat little but I eat all.

Do what the locals do. This is a must if you are in Guwahati. In my visit, on my mother’s advice I wanted to taste a fish known as Borali. Thanks to Borali, I was then taken to #Delicacy restaurant in the city. http://gamsdelicacy.in/

The Bamboo furniture decors and Jhappi (ethinic hat/cap/headwear) wall adorns had me at the entrance.

We sat down and the cutlery of bell metal plates, bowls etc were mesmerizing. I ordered for Veg thali and fish and pork on the side. If I could eat more, I would have surely ordered for everything on the menu. The preparations were mouthwatering. Some were similar to Bengali cuisine and some were very different. My palate wants more after the pork preparation that was served. I had ordered for Pork patot diya (spiced pork cooked in leaves). I specifically asked for Bhoot Jhalokia(Ghost Pepper) pickle. The tiny spice available ever. I relished every bite I took in my 2 days in Guwahati.

The veg Thali
Khorai – The Paan plate in Bell metal

If it was not for work, I could have explored much more, but I am glad I could witness the viivd greens & blues. We travelled to Hajo & Kamalpur villages witnessing the gorgeous Brahmaputra along.

I would love to explore the street style of this place. I really think, that northeast is a mecca of fashion in India. Guess, I need to leave something for the next time.

If you are from the city or relate to what I have shared then give this a like and add-on to my story so that my next visit to this part of India is rich and enriching.

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