Check out this Ganesh Chaturthi

The festival season is on its hilt. Marking the beginning.

Ganesha, this earthy soul brings in prosperity. He is known and worshipped as the god of new beginnings in Hindu culture. The whole of India, especially in Maharashtra is currently waiting for him to come home. This was a very small piece of information to give a background of the festival season in India.

With the monsoon fading away, the festival season gears up and so does our wardrobes which is mostly tends towards traditional. Fabrics and weaves from different parts of India get worn with charm & glam.

In this post I am sharing a simple yet crisp look if you want to keep comfort as your priority. We may call this piece an Indian traditional outfit or can just call it a dressy dress. I love checks, love them on plain papers too 😉

I have curated it as a very simple and the most basic look, wore it with a pair of high raise platform heels. I checked marked my #checks on a pleated kalidar. May even try this as an #airportlook.

About the dress: Made with pure love and passion by a dear friend and a designer Kapasika. #kalidaar kurta with a Victorian neck. This dress is a wrap around.

About the fabric: It is breathable and flows like a magic. A pure cotton pleated long dress/kurta.

#Kapasika #OStruck
#Kapasika #OStruck
#Kapasika #OStruck
#Kapasika #OStruck

Some style Ideas that can be tried with this:

  • Team it up and accessorize with traditional or not so tradition jewelry.
  • Wrap a scarf on your neck to layer it further.
  • Loosely drape a crisp organza stole / dupatta around it like one wears a saree
  • Wear gathered culottes to add structure

P.S: If you have long hair, wear a hair style which flaunts the side buttons of this dress. Those tiny details on the side are fabulous.

Dress up!! Forget the rules, if you like it. Wear it!!

It is just the beginning. So, what are you wearing this Ganesh Chaturthi? Bring in the cheer by posting your Ganesh Chaturthi look with your friends and family. Happy faces are always a treat.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

#Aboutalook #Styleideas #indianfestivals #diffrentisbeautiful #inspiration #breakthepattern

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