The top 3 things about my blog

What my readers have to say about OStruck? I conducted a quick survey on survey monkey to find out what Ostruck represents to my readers. What kind of posts they resonate with? I did that to reassess what I am writing on and what I should write more on and how. Some amazing comments have come by and there are some realizations too. Some very known facts, and some blind spots. The personality of my blog emerged up and it is beautiful. There was a special one comment which compared my writing skill to that of a very famous Indian writer. I am really overwhelmed with this compliment

So, read on to find out what are the top 3 things which depict the essence of my posts. What you will read below is a gratitude note to my readers who took the survey via web link, Facebook pages etc.

** ‘You’ in the post below represent all of you. All my friends who stand by me, all my readers who leave such encouraging messages and all those connects I have created because of my blog OStruck

SO, the top 3 things are…

The 1st one is…

Travel Posts: You spoke about the fun elements on my travel posts. They are simple & informative. It appears as if you are listening to me describing to you personally on what I did and how my travel was.

You told me that the travel posts brings out realistic experiences of quaint places. That they inspire you to explore the world more! Wow! I would love to explore it together with you. It is a good idea to take me along virtually on your travel escapades. Let us meet the world together in this world of internet.

Loved it when you said it feels like a descriptive trailer of the place I have been to. This made me conceive an idea on how I can structure few of my travel posts going ahead.

More factual information on people & places to go to is what you all are also seeking. Well noted.

The 2nd one is…

Perspective on Style: I have always known my comfort in exploring styles from genres, eras, genders. But it’s heartwarming to know that you perceive the same. The style posts & what-I-wore posts give a glimpse into my daily lifestyle. How a today’s women like to wear and wear it with pride. The post gives away some inspirations and some comfort by peer styling. Sometimes dressing up and celebrating ideas. You get ideas on trying the same outfit in different ways and accessories. May be I can delve deeper into this aspect?

I love to break patterns and bring in perspective towards thoughts in my life and sometimes in others too. It reflects my style and personality as well. I try to nudge each of you to push that comfort envelope every time, each time.

I understand my blog posts have revolved around Women. I am a women and I love my type, you see 😉 You want to see some posts on styles for men.

And the 3rd one is..

Topics I choose to write about: No wonder my posts have no pattern< face palm>. I speak my mind and I speak from my heart. I love to share and the digital world has made it so easy to share it with the world in times of busy(ness). Can’t thank you enough for giving me that reassurance that what I write on is absolutely fine.

It brings cheer, is vibrant, gets on a big smile, is honest and reliable. The best bit is “Soulful”

Top 3 things about my blog

On OStruck, you find clarity & creativity very clearly. It brings to you some facts that one may not come across in a general blog on a particular topic. Yes, I really think the devil is in the detail. I am in awe (O) to find that you see Ostruck as a powerful package. Fab & Chic too.

I now know that you read my posts because you like my style of writing. You like it because it’s a leisure read and sometimes gives you that positivity and reminds you of the passion that you have in you.

This survey has been very timely and has been very helpful. It has got my blogger mind racing towards some goals ahead. Some structuring, some reinforcing, some method to the madness and more stories.

Thank YOU. You have supported me and encouraged me from the time I started writing. All those comments and personal messages and even those simple ‘likes’ on my posts & pictures truly had an impact. They mean a lot to me. You give me the zeal to keep the fire burning that is, to keep telling my stories.

Raising a toast to you!


Instagram: O_struck

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