The Long Weekend

Squeezed in the midst of a weekend and a public holiday is best holiday ever. The long weekend! The much awaited and a deeply desired long weekend. The rainy long weekend in Mumbai

What did I do? All that I normally do and all that I normally don’t do.

Nights & days of reading an intriguing book till I doze off. Wake up to find that to get back to the story, which I am a part of now.

Mornings of aqua exercises with the people I love starting my day with. Start of the day with fitness and laughter is a high. Try it someday. This high intensity workout in water is a perfect start for swimmer and non-swimmers. Our natural buoyant body adapts to the workout regime with absolute ease or is it the trainer who makes it feel like a cake walk. Check out her page on fb It surely is my morning boost of energy and fuel for the rest of the day.

I feel like popping in a question to all of you here. What do you do to fuel up the rest of the day?

I did some catching up too

With that cousin who stayed 4 km away but I have never met her. That cousin about whom I have just heard about. Our grandparents were related, then the moms connected and became friends.

With that friend, who shifted to my country and is in love with this city. The last time I met her, she mentioned to me that may be she will be living here the next time we meet. Is it surprising? Or is it plain simple power of intentions.

With that batchmate who has been around since the time I started my post grad’s first day. Our families consider each other family

With that friend, whom I bumped into after 17 years. Yes of course, Facebook keeps us glued on to what the other is doing. But still bumping into each other in an unassuming place has its own charm

With the friends who are like family. We got together, played Uno. Uno in a pub. Hysterical laughs when rules were not followed. Fought, won, played and had a good time. Btw, I simply love the vibe of this place Madeira & Mime. This is a peppy extension of it fine dine main restaurant Mirchi & Mime. This food chain is employing all hearing and speech impaired staff. Pleasant and absolutely charming staff. I love the service and love it how the conversations between the staff and us are with a connect. We look into the eyes and communicate. Truly love the vibes.

A Long Weekened
A picture at the bar of Madeira & Mime
Off late I have been rushing.

In my mind.

At work.

In my though process.

In my action plan.

It’s the closures I am chasing. The to-do list which keeps running to pages and my tick marks don’t seem to end. There was a need for me to slow down. Pause. Rest and then move ahead. I knew it but didn’t do it.

This weekend let me pause, look around, connect.

The long weekend is still on and now I am looking forward to some more of that book, after my morning aqua workout. The day will move slowly into a celebration. Yes it is the Indian Independence Day and it is also my mother’s birthday. She is churning out some magic from her kitchen as always.

Take that time out for yourself, do what you love doing. Meet the people who bring in happiness. Relax, rejuvenate and take on the world full on. #spreadthehappiness

Is there anything that you did this long weekend that made you happy? Tell me here in the comment.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Komal says:

    That write up!
    So energizing n refreshing to read !!

    Aqua fitness – is a fitness regime thst combines innner n outer health
    What makes it click .. is the group energy, chsnnelised n high intensity yet fun part of the routine,n ofcourse magical combination of water n morning

    What i did with my long weekend
    Lots and lots of decluttering – and best part of itnwas it was a family event!!! V all enjoyed discarding, detaching and sharing Of household stuffs, clothes n such materialistic items and also of soul 🙂

    It was complete family time
    Morning to late afternoon declutter followed by nice n peaceful nap time
    Ane evenings leisure drive around powai lake and hiranandani- Mumbai

    Maja ni life 🙂

    Having a kid around brings some much needed discipline!!
    Mom dad.. no phone when v r together..ehen v r working… etc

    Switching off wifi and mobile data when v r together or with family or freinds is kind of nee mindset that’s put in attempt as part of this declutter journey

    A freind mentioned v need decluttering of our e wastage….. attemtping that too

    Most of the apps on phone r uninstalled

    Feels great

    Cupboards r breathing freely n happily
    Corners of the house seem happy
    V feel happy,light , content , thankful
    For what v have

    🙂 thanks oindrila for sharing ur #sharethehappinessjourney !! Its encouraging n rejuviniating 🙂


    1. OStruck says:

      Thanks for sharing what you did this long weekend. Indeed a very relaxing one. I have been inspired by the decluttering talks of yours and my house is a lot lighter now.


  2. OStruck says:

    I am in such a mindful slow pace.


  3. Loved reading it and I was picturing you do all that you said you were doing. Have a great rest of the holiday and keep in touch with long lost of friends, regardless..

    Liked by 1 person

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