M.Micallef Muska: A perfume review

I ask, what did you pick for me? He says something exclusive. I continue asking what, why, how what is exclusive? He says, search for M.Micallef

And the World web of Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman opened a whole new world to me. I recollect the name from somewhere but not sure where I have seen it. Transporting myself to the present, I am floored by the packaging. Sure is exclusive. The bottle looks jeweled and ever since I have been wondering, what can I do with the bottle once the perfume is over? This particular package has a travel edition of 30 ml along with a 100ml bottle. Even the travel edition glitters with 4 crystals and a gold muted cap.

There was a need at this moment of bringing home a dressing table to keep my jeweled bottle on it. This is what the packaging did to me.

About the perfume: M.Micallef Muska

As the name suggests it is Musk. But this musk is at a different level. A Ylang Ylang musk and white musk of base & mid note along with few precious woody notes. Exotic fruity aromas fill as top notes. That’s the combination. I am sure the artists were in their best moods to have found these elements to pour into this juicy concoction.

It is juicy. Ylang Ylang is my favorite essential oil with properties of elevating yet grounding, arousing yet sedating.

Just like the properties of Ylang Ylang, this perfume took me to a feel of sensory trial. From a fresh summer day to a gorgeous night with nip in the air. I spoke about wearing it at a morning Indian ritual on a winter morning to a formal corporate occasion of awards to a normal day at work. That’s the range.

Fresh powdery feel and as soon as I get busy with work, it comes back with a whiff of sweet nothings to take me somewhere exotic.

Subtle yet powerful. Graceful and elegant are the words that go along with this bottle of jewel.

M MicallefM. MicallefM. Micallef

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jatinder says:

    Thank you for sharing, I’ve not heard of this perfume before, I will definitely try this ❤️


    1. OStruck says:

      I am sure you will love it


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