Nautical Stripes: Trend from the French navy

Nautical stripes don’t just remind us of French sailors from the 1800’s, they also remind us of windy costal weathers.

What the French sailors wore to get identified in the sea has now grown on to become a luxe style stripes. Vertical, horizontal and definitely bold.

An early day at work, a whole day of influencing presentations and an evening of meet and greet. I had to pick up a versatile piece of formal wear which can hold up the whole day till late evening. It did very well. The fabric didn’t gather any crease and with a fit so snug.

The dress obviously has a luxe bright look to it. It gets into the power dress category for me, if not on the classic must have one. It’s a 100 year old fashion for sure.

And btw, these nautical stripes demanded weather as windy as the French sailor experience. Wind kissed hair and bold blue & red stripes.

The dress: A small boutique from mall in Singapore

The bag: My all-time carry on is from Coach

Shoes: Double monk strap patent leather, handmade in Spain



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it. And I am always a fan of stripes nautical or otherwise!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OStruck says:

      I feel like a sail with this attire now


  2. Komal says:

    Loved the whole look!
    They say make up enhances the look
    I say the wind did it for u 🙂

    Can’t think of a more versatile look for different kind of events 🙂

    Powerful and young n fun kind of look

    U simply r rocking it


    1. OStruck says:

      Oh the perspective! So right, the wind did it for me.


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