Whole of Feb, the whole world celebrated #dresslikeawoman!! Have you seen the #twitter world having a ball on its credit? That’s the office in the west which spoke about it, dealt with it and some one or two out there started a movement on it. Super fun pictures and fun take on it.

It takes me straight to that one specific ad where few people, young and adult were asked series of similar questions. They were on how does a girl walk? How does a girl run? How does a girl laugh? And everyone except the ‘young girls’ made the action look powerless. There was no zeal in the run, now loudness in the laugher and the walk was wavering awkward. I was awkward when I watched and then entered those little girls who were asked the same questions. They were such treat to watch. The run, the walk & the power packed laughter form the bottom of their womb. Brilliant! One of them was asked what it is to run like a girl? She answered in the same breath, ‘run fast as you can’. That ad stayed with me.

The others mocked #whatagirldoes. Did they make the normal ways of doing things seem low from where they stood and saw? What made them do this? That was a natural reaction? How come? Why has such a situation come up where a girl or boy or a man or a woman, you & me can get upset either ways? Got you thinking? Got me too.

#dresslikeawoman in office environment is a sensitive topic in itself. Everyone has their interpretation. Some use to their advantage by power dressing and some get offended by it and some have to be careful with it. 

I have tried celebrating it in my years in the corporate life. Have simply loved it.

From crisp western trousers and classic shirt to pretty handloom sarees, to camouflaging a casual wear with a formal jacket by calling it smart formals. I have done it all. The latest trends in salwar kurtas to fast fashion dresses have all taken limelight more than often in my work wear wardrobe. The whole wide range that a women can dress in is what #dresslikeawoman is all about. It is the attitude which comes with it. We have it and we will flaunt it!!

I want to be untagged.
I want to celebrate that is mine.
Which is me!!
I am a woman, I love colours and I will dress like a woman.
Tant Sari from West Bengal
Banarasi dupatta on a silk kurta & pallazo
Long wrap skirt with delicate silk blouse
Jumpsuit with a classic white shirt
Kapasika kurta in its brightest
Formal jacket on beige casual fitted pants
Ruffled collection on dresses

Would love to know what were your thoughts on #dresslikeawoman hashtag movement? Leave a comment for sure


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