Love for love story

It’s the Chloe love I am talking about. The mesmerizing whiff of this one makes me watch a movie from French country side. Yes, that’s the connection that I draw of this essence. It’s fresh like a lily, intoxicating as a jasmine and sensual as citrus-y orange.

This Love story has been on my mind. Every time I crossed a store over almost a year, I stopped infront of this one. Pick it up to whiff it. The bottle is pretty and shouts out elegance. So, finally I bought this. I must say, its nice and floral and by the end of the day it leaves a hint of cedar. Lingers on you. I am happy that I picked it and this can be a good idea for a gift if you like to show up with a present on Valentine’s Day. Sharing some clicks of my recent addition. Check it out. Chloe Love Story_ Amazon

Chloe gets me talking and I cant just stop it with out mentioning my classic Chloe, which I love and have been acting miser with the usage. I don’t want an empty bottle of it. Yes, I can buy another one but the old one, used half and a discolored metallic feel has its charm. You know what I mean!!

Btw, do you believe that everyone should have just one signature perfume? or do we spoilt ourselves with mesmerizing, intoxicating options?

Signing off with love and a dab of love story


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