Power of now!

The little pleasures of being in the now! After getting back from my recent travel, I kept telling to friends that I am back to my routine. That’s when it struck me that routine is so mundane and I have made it sound like that. I don’t really see things around, what goes by, what stands still, the sky today or the traffic police grumpy. What I realised is, it’s mostly on holidays that I sit by a cafe and watch people do their things, I smile till something else comes my way. I pause, absorb and then look for something else which may be is a routine for them. I look at the horizon with out actually thinking anything. It’s my surroundings that picks my thoughts. Can I do it here, where I stay everyday? Can this be no routine? Can I live in the moment?
And may be that’s what the real meaning would be when people say… ‘I want to build a life I will need no vacation from’

In my recent travel, this larger than life painting of a doll caught my attention. The simple pleasures of changing the route and pausing for a moment. The simple pleasures of being in the now.


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