Skin care essential: from the Dead Sea

In my last post on Scalp Care, I shared my winter weather damage and its quick remedy. Keeping the winter weather as a theme, I plan to share my absolute winter essentials. I am kind of OD’ing on beauty talks and skin care talks for the last few posts. Guess, the last quarter deserves some strategic focus on them. ;P. Festivals, change of weather and then the winter itself.
This post will have breaks and I am not talking about all the essentials in one consolidation. Strategic focus, I told ya!!
Let me start with this disclaimer, when (well) almost the whole country is rejoicing the single digit temperature, the Mumbai (ites) enjoy the pleasant nip. That being said, no matter how mild, winters are always a challenging time for skin. It feels dry, cracks up if not taken care off. Infuse it with some moisture, everyday!!
OstruckEssential #1
Butter for the body. Creamier the better, hotter and sexier. I am a huge fan of any body butter. As ,for me, I kind of use it throughout the year but during this time the quantity increases.  My skin needs more and it deserves more.
The body butter this season in my bathroom table top is Minus 417, Aromatic body butter in Lavender. Smells like heaven and it’s the strongest moisture booster to the skin. I like to apply it all over the body right after my shower, when the body is still damp. It’s easier to apply, and I feel the body absorbs the cream better.
This is a part of other Minus 417 lavender range, came to my lap as a thoughtful gift from a friend. It’s from the Dead Sea with all the nutrients & minerals that you can think off which helps in nourishment and skin regeneration!! As simple as that. What is the added value?

  • Its Natural skincare product
  • Has Natural active component from the dead sea – lowest point of the earth
  • Shields from UV radiation
  • Calms the skin down

What it doesn’t do:

  • Feel sticky
  • Strong lavender smell

So here it is. A small tiny tid bits on what I am currently using. If you are not already using some body butter, I strongly recommend that you start doing it. Go pick up your favorite from the nearest mall or online. Make the most by making this a habit for the supple skin throughout the pleasant weather.
Check out how the packaging looks and also the consistency of the product.

If you want to know more on what other body butter that can be picked, which is also easily available. Connect back, I will be happy to share my other personal favorites.

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