#ScalpCare:Two out of the kitchen items to attack sensitive sore scalp

Make a promise today to make your own well-being sacred. Afterall, no one can rock the beautiful you, better than you.
Now that I have said that let me talk to you about the pleasant weather and the worries that come with it.
With chill in the air and the dry feel on your skin, we know that the next few months are going to be fun. Few days of cold (kind-off) weather not humid or hot, brings out fashionable make-believe winter attire in me. Every year!! Yes, I stay in Mumbai. We don’t have winters. The temperature doesn’t dip down below 12-13 degree Celsius. Do I miss the near zero weather?  May be or maybe not. I have forgotten how it feels to have a routine life when the cold bites. I have stayed in Delhi when I was a kid and the few things that I remember is the sweater weather, the winter sun which was not every day and   Mom and her friends churning out modern designs with knitting. Apart from that was the skin care regime to keep the skin from cracking up. As a kid I don’t think I bothered so much about the Charmis cream with some Vitamin E oil in it or body oil massage before the bath. But now, I hunt for the convenient, sustainable routine so that all the skin related winter woos are taken care off.
If you are following me on Instagram or on fb page, you will know that I recently posted and asked for an organic recipe to ease out my sensitive and itchy scalp. Wish Boroline was an answer to this too. Sometimes the roots of the hair follicles get painful and the scalp craves some cooling down. For me a go-to recipe is the gentle coconut oil massage and hot towel wrapped on the head. Which I did obviously and immediately.
Luxurious and satisfying to start with. It worked instant for me and the itchiness disappeared.The next day my hair felt and looked healthy, which was an added advantage.
Then I received some instant from-your-kitchen remedies for my blogger query on insta & fb. Isn’t it beautiful to be connected to so many of the same kind with similar issues. They are right there with help. All we have to do is ask!! Help started pouring in with love from all around. I am so glad that this platform helps me connect. Absolutely in gratitude.
Thank you, thank you my tribe for jumping in to share your instant cure tricks.  
Some quick ones I am listing down, that are tried and tested by me
Methi Seeds (Fenugreek):
  1. Take a handful,
  2. Soak it over night.
  3. Make a paste
  4. Apply on hair like a mask
I have done this in the past but for the reason to condition and shiny hair. This treats the sensitive scalp was an information. As an afterthought, Methi seeds are a rich reservoir of medicinal property.

Methi Seeds

Organic Coconut Oil and the mixes:
  • Warm it up and apply
  • Warm it up with curry leaves, cool it down and apply
  • Warm it up, mix it with castor oil and apply
    • Castor oil is best for oily hair as it has some drying properties. It also helps in strengthening the hair follicle that breaks easily.
Don’t massage your scalp vigorously for sure, use your fingertips instead. Show some love and wrap it up with a hot towel. Put the wet towel in your microwave, timer set to 10-15 seconds. Its spa ready!!
Don’t be too generous with oil, you don’t want to be smelling coconut-ty the next day. 

Here I am assuming that my sensitive scalp and itchiness was because of dryness and not infection. I would urge you to visit a dermatologist incase if the sensitivity persists for long.
As for me, because it worked magic in just one day.. I am planning on a hot hair oil massage and hot towel every alternate day and Methi mask once every 10 days for next few weeks? Join me, any of you? Let’s make this a worth it experience!!
I would love to know what the experiences are. What are the other hair care recipes from around the world?
I will take about my winter essentials for some more self-care and pamper in my next posts. Stay on to know more 

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