Matte : Another find from a MAC lipstick subtle collection

I wear lipstick! Well, this is not my essential like how a Kajal is but I love the ones that make my face light up. All it takes is just 2 seconds!

The basic needs I have with my lipstick hunting, is that it should stay for long. What I put on in the morning needs to stay put from the beginning of my work day straight through dinner and drinks. Too much to ask for? Well, ok till about 6-7 hours
I like it if it is non-transferrable. I like them few but impactful. Especially, the ones that I wear to office.
This post is about how I found yet another beautiful piece in MAC. I cannot declare it my favorite brand (for Lipstick) yet but I am almost there. It may be a cliché but it seems like a fact for me that I love MAC lipsticks.
I don’t really like to spend too much on lipsticks but the tubes just keep increasing. I also think the amount of product which is there in that stick (any lipstick) for the shelf life mentioned is too much. But somewhere I mentally approve of the amount I spend on a MAC lipstick (face palm emoji).
So yeah, talking about the office wear MAC lipsticks, the days when I am not really power dressing with reds & bright pinks from makeup point of view, I love ‘Mehr’. I use it as everyday chapstick with some prettiness in it. I use it with no lip liner and it stays plump and nice. This is from the Matte range of lip colours with a creamy finish. The only pick which is getting over and I swear I am so enjoying it. This one wears a lot longer during the day.

I wanted a similar feel with another colour. The recent pick of Amplified- Vegas Volt is just that. Creamy, oh-so-coral, bright yet subtle, a sheen with no shimmer. I am no expert in telling you what’s good for the skin tone and lip shape. I say, try it and if you like it then pick it up. It will add just a dab of colour to your already beautiful self. Bring on the pretty pouts, yo!!

Check out how they look when kept together.

TIP: This post idea popped up specifically for the one make-up tip that I picked up. The importance of Primer+Prep. Matte or any other lipstick if applied on chapped lips look like a horror story. Instead of enhancing our best feature which is the smile, it focuses on the flaky, chapped lips which need hydration. So, always exfoliate and then use a primer. Primer preps the base and helps in holding the lipstick for long and also prevents the colour from bleeding. Try it, if not already.

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