The Cult Orgasm: NARS

Let me take you through my journey of how I knew about the cult brand of NARS and the recent gift of high style make-up must haves, especially when travelling.
Some years back, I chanced upon a video on someone’s FB timeline, that’s how I knew the brand NARS and also it’s iconic ‘Orgasm’. It was not available in retail in India. Some online sites showed the limited edition once in a while but I was not sure, if I should just pick it up by looking at the video.

What interested me was its wild fan following of this specific hot collection ‘Orgasm. Looks like, it is ‘the’ favorite of almost all make-up artists. This particular blush made waves because of the bold name and what value it had to offer. It claims to be the exact same colour of the cheeks when a woman orgasms. Now, it is surely seductive. A thought came up and also stayed on with me is that it should suit every skin tone and every complexion. Well, I am yet to meet anyone who owns an Orgasm and has told me that it doesn’t suit her skin tone.  It is flattering! The golden shimmer creates the natural flush. Sweep and dab on your cheeks and know the magic.

I love it on my skin! The peachy golden textured powder is my all-time favorite. This was a pick from a duty-free shopping. Btw, it is my first blush ever. I didn’t know how to use one before I bought it and also I never acknowledged the importance of a blush in the make-up routine.

Now that I have been using a blush for a while, I figured out that it’s not the one which will give you an intense colour on your cheek. For that you may have to try on a different shade, may be the ‘Super Orgasm’.

I am a fan girl of this cult orgasm – NARS and what a perfect gift to get from the husband. The exclusive travel edition. Compact and easy to carry NARS!
The Orgasm face set has: NARSissist #Jetsetter Orgasm Face Set

  • Orgasm Blush
  • Orgasm Lip Gloss
  • Mini Orgasm Illuminator
  • Mini Orgasm Multiple
    My first feel after using the other products from the box is,

    • Orgasm Lip Gloss : better than the nude lip shade that I have.
    • Mini Orgasm Illuminator: Flawless look
    • Mini Orgasm Multiple: I used it as eyes shadow and loved the sheer effect.

    It’s a high glow guaranteed package. High style put together in a box. Worth it!! 

    4 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks twinklingstar for your appreciation. Glad you stopped by my page. See you more often


    2. I just picked up orgasm a couple of months back and love it. It's that perfect blend of colour and shimmer. Your write up is spot on


    3. I thought the same. Thanks for stopping by and your comment


    4. dpirsm says:

      sounds like a magic box


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