Pastel Yellow: The Tant Magic!

The pretty colours of Bengal cotton or typically known as Tant is what my OOTD is.  
I am no expert in the knowledge of weaving techniques but I surely know that these artists weave out some exotics. Gorgeous designs, patterns and colours. The crisp fall of these saris also makes it stand out.
We stayed in Ghaziabad (North of India) in the early 80’s till ’92, these saris were not easily available there. So, every visit to Kolkata during summer vacations, my mother would bring home some pretty tants. I have seen her friends come home to chill together over endless talks appreciating these handloom weaves. Eventually, her friends started asking her to hand pick saris for them too. I always wanted to keep them all. I was a kid and did not wear a sari then.
I had visualized and thought for the longest time that the weavers sat the whole day creating such magic. Handmade, in real sense. That was actually the traditional way of doing it but the advanced machines have somewhere replaced craftsmanship. It is in my travel list to visit Fulia, where these saris are made.  
Well, even today the women of east go starry eyed for the new collection of cotton saris that are also apt for the weather conditions. The hot and humid climate of Bengal calls for breathable fabrics. Not just weather apt, they can be worn with elegance on almost every occasion.

East brings in addition to the cotton & silk industry and infuse some artistic value to it strongly. This is one of the most important reasons why saris of Bengal are appreciated and loved by all.
Btw, I still trust my mother (blindly) to get me almost all my saris. This yellow beauty with polka dotted zari palluis also her pick.
Stop by to let me know your thoughts on the colour and its combination, for sure.

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