Pencil Skirt – Timeless: #whywelove #howwewear #ootd

As they say, “Style is a way to say, who you are without having to speak”

Here is another formal wear story of my life. I realized today that I have a good number of skirts in my formal collection and most of them are pencil skirts. In plaid, in classic black, some variation on grey, various fabrics in neon pinks, I have one in pastel green. Looks like I cannot have enough of it. And why not!!  

There are some, which is all about fad and then there are some which will never go out of fashion. This one is a timeless piece. The pencil skirt is one of them.
Well, not that I am very particular about what is in fashion and what is not. I wear what I like and I know do a good job at it. J
What I realized after years of picking up pencil skirts in the name of formal wear, this can be teamed with almost anything.  Can be worn almost about anywhere (Just a bit of caution, if you plan to hit the beach )and looks the best if worn with pencil heels. I obviously wear it with different forms of heels and also flats

About the look:
If you are in Mumbai, you would know that the 4th day of Navratri is dedicated to the colour blue. It was not a coincidence that I picked this colour, if you have read my earlier post then you will know that everyone in my office is high on festive spirit and I join in the fun.

Plaid teamed with stripes is what I wore. What I love about the whole attire is the fit.

Skirt: An old one, from Forever21
Shirt: A recent takeaway from my bff’s wardrobe
Heels: A Korean nude pumps  

So, go all out, pick up that timeless piece from your wardrobe and flaunt it. As things of quality have no fear of time. A worth it, sustainable fashion!

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