What to Wear : Work Wear during Festivals

Festivals bring in high-spirit, new trends sprout up, some confusing and others easy to adapt. Some of us get creative with our look and play with bright colors and hues. Few things I have been doing when it came to Fashion and style inspirations.
I have been on a no-shopping-clothes mode recently. It takes a lot of self-control to practice this(Phew).I have so often queued up ecommerce carts and then deleted it. I have been planning a shopping detox since I de-cluttered my closet. Two cartons of stylish clothes given away.  I am happy, lighter and organized.
The thought behind the detox is that I have wardrobe full of clothes (Yes, even after de-cluttering) which are almost over flowing. There are more sustainable ways to maintain a stylish wardrobe than to just pick fast fashion. It’s time for some style inspirations in mix and match trends.
Going strong in the detox till now.
Now comes the most challenging and interesting tasks. Choosing work wear in this season. The festive season. I am typically the one who gets guided by clothes and not the other way around. This means, clothes call me. Here, I was standing in front of my closet wanting to wear western formals to work that day. But the enthusiastic team at work wanted (us- the whole office) to dress up in Indian ethnic attire for it was the start of Navratri. Like get dressed and show up mandate.The festive spirit is quite noticeable and we love it.

This is what I picked up. A bright red floral printed shirt top which I have previously worn with a sari, A beige fitted cotton pants and a Platform sandals to complete the look.

There is festival fashion which is trending and then there is style outside of ‘in’ thing? In my opinion, both are interlinked. But the biggest opinion is, there is the person (in trend) in that fashion. Clothes are one thing, happiness, confidence & inner Shakti(power) is another and this is what one should be wearing this festival season and always.

….cos we are worth it! What say?
Red Shirt: Kapasika
Pants: Koton
Sandals: River Island 

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