High Heels On

Over 3 months or more, I have been doing everything else but writing on Ostruck. I tried keeping the insta page buzzing for sometime with some quick insta posts but that surely was no justice to my experiences in the last few months.

Been insanely busy and stuck. I have recently taken up on me to get involved in one of the transformational projects for a med-tech company.  I think I have taken it too personally (;p). It has been very experiential but at the same time has kept me on my toes with work. There is a need to take a month long break, visit some lovely locations, read thrilling books, write on some stories and do some Netflix-ing.

Tch tch.. coming back to reality, let me tell you about, what my favorite pair of shoes these days are and how comfortable they are when I am on my toes.

Most comfortable high heels throughout the day may be an oxymoron. But with this one, it is a miracle. I love it for the snug comfort of this pair. It feels like velvet on my feet. Very stylish and I plan to pair it up with almost everything. Like Sarees, skirts, ankle length pants.

They say Nine West shoes are made about comfort and then later about style. Or may be at par. The world of shoes is a different world in itself. For me, its all about the right size, comfort and ofcourse style. Gone are the days, when it was assumed that high heels are not comfortable. It is all about finding the perfect match for yourself. And, if you find one then pick it up in all colours, I say.

Set your step in future with high heels on!! Totally worth it!!


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