Spick and Spa: Review Mudra Spa

I say, I think I am a cool back packer. Pat came the reply, “You are under-estimating yourself. Don’t you hunt for a spa even in the dessert” Well, yes! It’s true. I love my doze of pamper once in a while and that once in a while is quite often.
My best friend was visiting the country and after her thorough research she found out that there is a day spa around her vicinity. She excitedly told me it has great reviews, while I was wrapping up my day’s work. We had enquired about options in the 5 star properties and its amenities. Well, with the 5 star tag comes a lot of expectations. And not always, those expectations are met. After a lot of to and fro we decided on a luxury day spa instead of Spa services of a 5 star hotel.  
Mudra indeed has good reviews. The 2 centers in Mumbai boasts about holistic therapies which includes spa therapies, Yoga & Reiki. Very novel and first in my opinion. Reiki massage is something that I will want to try later. But this time we were drawn to the package. Combination of massage and scrub at a neat deal of Rs 3500/-(approx.) Opted for a deep tissue and their signature scrub of Coconut & Green tea. Herbal steam sounded exotic and we added that to our therapy.
The Powai center has this royal entrance. The green color and those chairs welcomes one in a grand way. A place specifically made for washing the feet before the therapy starts looks pretty against a large mirror.


Our masseuse walked us to our therapy room. The feel and ambience itself was so relaxing. Dim light and a quite corridor with neatly done up therapy rooms.

In all I loved the ambience.
My therapy began, the only disappointment was the pressure. I was expecting that the pressure exerted on muscles would be deep and strong. Somewhere, I had to tell her that I can do with some more pressure. I was in dire need of it, my muscles ached from the previous day’s workout.
Rest of the experience, wrt generosity of oil, care, technique, time taken was brilliant.
Highlight of Mudra for me that day was the scrub. I felt the hydration in my skin till the next day. Brilliantly executed and scrubbed that each dry skin fell off me ;). My skin was left polished and glowing. Soft and supple. The aroma was heavenly too!
Coming to herbal steam, well that didn’t work and the staff apologized for it. Deep down I missed on that experience. May be next time.
90 minutes of sheer bliss and happy glow-y faces, we came out. Warm lime shots in these cute little porcelain tea cups were served.

In all, a lovely time spent with my best friend and I realized it yet again that we must do more of what makes us happy.  

Mudra Spa website : http://mudraaspa.com/

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