A for Aqua Aerobics

I witnessed that sight again today. Opened my eyes to watch the sun rise, peeping out of a tall concrete building and some greenery. The sunrays filtered through glass doors trees glittered in the water of the swimming pool.The aqua blue pool.
We had just finished our workout in water. Chanted our Om together neck down in water feeling each vibration within. Being thankful and in gratitude to 3 (specific) things when I opened my eyes. It was bliss! The sun-rays have never looked so gorgeous. This is one of the reasons I wake up early in the morning to jump into the water and work the butt out. Yes! Aqua Aerobics sounds and looks easy but looks seriously can be deceptive.
July last year, when I was contemplating which workout regime to finally enrol myself in. I received a status update. A neighbor spoke about the morning aqua aerobics sessions held in the society pool every alternate days. I stood at my balcony looking down at that aqua blue pool and nodded my head. Promised myself one try of waking up early. And today, few months ahead I love myself for doing it. It’s not just about the workout, but also the bond that has formed with my fellow early risers and the coach. The group, which grew closer each day and holds each other through each wave personally and otherwise. It’s all about love!.
I guess, there is a perception about aqua aerobics, aqua or may be aerobics or all of it! It has become very women centric (I am not generalizing). Have not analysed it in depth yet but I am sure when the water calls, they will hear.
I have been a water baby always, and yes, I do not know how to swim. There was a time, when swimming pool in the hotel was one of the criteria for any vacation planning. 
What excited me the most about this workout was that one does not need to know how to swim. Body feels light in water! Therefore, it all began. I found S doing a Nike-pose/swoosh position with legs up and sitting by balancing oneself in water. Floating while one sits inside the water and balancing it out. I thought to myself, now this is going to be fun! With heart rate racing and breathing on an accelerated pace, I say the same thing even today.
1 hour of workout which brings in tricks and techniques to perfect the posture and do the exercise correctly for the maximum impact. These tricks are homegrown and the coach laughs out loud. But when the coach says, tighten your core most of the positions work.
There are extensive cardio work out by cycling in water, running with hands up, marching ahead, knee high jog and lot more variations. Sounds easy? However, I challenge you to do it against the water. Woah! Each muscle aches by the end of the day.
Abs and crunches are fun but heavy on core. Working against the power of water that is not letting you move ahead and then behind holding the pool noodle. Today we had to float on our tummy and then swing in the front and kick with two legs together. Slow and difficult.
Kickboxing in water comes with a punch. The water gives excellent resistance to those kicks and boxes.
Yoga in water is another grace altogether. Stretches are most welcome after each muscle has been worked up.
We get smiles, grins and that look from people outside the pool.. which says, silly crazy people. What are they doing in water so early in the morning? Once an old man came up to a aqua friend and asked her why hasn’t she yet learnt how to swim. Its been a while with the floats on ;). The grins got wider and the looks got weirder during December and January with freezing water and our aqua workouts.
Cold-water workouts are more intense as the body is constantly working to generate heat.
Well, I am thoroughly enjoying this fitness routine. If you’d like to unwind and calm down then choose your workout routine and go for the kill. It is all worth it!

Costume details: Surf tee half sleeve & Decathlon NABAIJI AQUARESIST female swimming suit split boxer swimsuit chlorine resistant aerobic fitness
Swimming cap: Speedo
Aqua Googles: Decathalon Swimming goggle with an excellent watertight seal
Picture Credits : Komal Sinha

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  1. i do i am says:

    Lovely read! I always believe that everyone has there own style of fitness, they just have to find it. Once I discovered my favourite form of exercise,the rest came easy. Thanks for this inspiring post!


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