Alice in Wonderland: Work visit to Seoul: Part 4/4

Just few days in Seoul, I have so much to share! A full time corporate life and little less time to organize the pictures taken. Phew! Today when I opened my folder of those pictures, which are my excitement booster, I realized there are 75 of them. And I can take only select few for a fair share of my wonderland. Yes, I am still talking about the Seoul work trip.
I would like to name this post Alice in wonderland. I was sitting with my colleague to board the train to Cheonan from Seoul station when I saw the barricades opening, the people walking towards a particular platform to stand 6 feet distance from the edge. The train arrived and the doors opened. I followed the person in front of me and took my huge window seat. Train left the station and it seemed like a very long travel to our stop. I slept I think for 15 minutes resting on the glass window. Then just like how Alice opened the giant door with the key she found on the nearby table, I opened my self to seeing what appeared. The train moved through a white land. Beautiful snow covered white landscape opened right in front of my eyes. I was in paradise. I felt so tiny infront of the vast expanse as if I drank up that potion to shrink to be able to pass through that little door. My garden was a beautiful white one!  

The train stopped at Cheonan station, I couldn’t contain my excitement as that was the first time I was experiencing snow fall in a city. Visiting to high altitude mountains and snow adventure sports is a different thing while witnessing snowfall on your way to work is something else.

An electric car was waiting to take us to our plant. The roads we took were slushy, the road maintenance body sprinkles salt on road for anti-skidding every morning. I couldn’t concentrate on the discussion happening inside the vehicle about our business and the plans for the day. The view outside was too enticing.

We reached the plant and met the safety instructor. There are rules to walk on a snow and when its snowing. Slow, firm and with hands not in the pockets.

End of the days play happened when it was time to get back to Seoul. The exact same feeling of waking up from a dream. The Magical dream!
When I think about the wonderland, I can think about the out-of comfort zone, expansion, gratitude towards what nature has to offer, acceptance!
It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” – Alice in wonderland
I reached back to Seoul as different person to explore more. Some clicks on the coldest day of S.Korea. Minus 14:)

The Khimchi pots

warming up!

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