December bells

December demands a nip in the air wherever in the world. The AC in tropical climatic city takes a backstage and the windows of the house gets open wide. I stay in Mumbai, hottest place in the face of India. Even here, people start taking out their light shrugs, greys and taupe colored clothes. Knit wears which somewhere look-a-like sweaters. I make believe winter in Mumbai. I have had discussions on this topic each year and I know a lot of you do too.
The temperature and the climate are getting very unpredictable this year. The temperature dips lowest to 25 degrees at night. Afternoons are hard hitting at 35.
December demands feeling festive for the Christmas and jingle bells and for the new year eve planning and partying. If you are the one who makes boozey cakes at home then this is the time to soak-in.
December for me demands bringing all the wedding pictures out, smile, and grin looking at them. Remembering the days before and after the wedding and the journey from there on. First of December always demands something special so that we remember it fondly in years to come. It’s like adding a bling bell to the string of bells already glowing.
We rejoiced in some stereotypical things of getting flowers, raising a toast, eating out and ofcourse dressing up. I have been under the weather lately but the energy of this day did not stop me from creating a look for the morning and another for the evening. Here are some pictures.
I selected a pastel pink crochet maxi dress and a denim shirt for the morning. We invited my folks to join us for breakfast in Candies. This is quaint cafe in the reclamation land of Mumbai. It was just a busiest lane with the most delicious chops and croquettes sometime back. I was so elated to see the renovation. We soaked in some Goan feel with its etched glass windows, tiled walls and vintage tables and chairs. Some good music to lean on. Double shot cappuccino along with fresh oven baked toast and masala omelet livened our senses. Mutton chop and quiche were surprising added bursts of flavor. If in Mumbai, plan a visit soon.

My evening look was darker. A short blue dress with a belt. I wore a short black jacket to make it more formal. But the heat! Teamed it up with high, tie-up wedges.

We are a fan of Vietnamese food, Thai preparations, Cambodian flavors. Just about anything, Pan Asian. Have you tried Busaba in south Mumbai? We experimented with this place for 2 reasons. 1) Pan Asian cuisine 2) Awesome reviews about the food. This place also needs a feature in your ‘to-be-visited’ restaurant.
A self-proclaimed foodie that I am, a sumptuous meal ends the celebrations on a high note. A worth-it moment was sealed.

Outfit details:
Pink Maxi dress from Prague main market shops | Shirt is a tich button washed denim from American Eagle.
Blue dress is from one of the shops in Bandra, Mumbai | Short black jacket from Veromoda

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