Kiss your skin this Diwali

Open this box of pamper

 In India we call it the season of festivals. Even the commercials are getting mushy, strongly portraying the family connect, neighbours coming together and re-iterating the community living that we have been always associated with. Every brand tells a story, which touches some chord within. Those ads and films takes me down memory lane with fondness. Diwali is here and the lights are lit everywhere.

Well, with Diwali comes a series of card parties, wholesome Indian delicacies and a-lot-of-late-nights much in advance. Our skin tells the tales later.

I say, make the most of the parties this year and go the whole hog!! We look forward to such days and what’s the point if the food and fun is not lived to the fullest. Keep the detox and strict diet plans for later. This week concept is of a cheat week with a twist ofcourse. The twist is that skin regime stays. Trust me, you will love me for this, if you follow it.

Step 1

Spray water on your face when you wake up in the morning. I have heard it opens the clogged pores. With the season change and the change in our dietary intakes, our skin behaves differently. Have you noticed? It is a good idea to buy yourself a small spray bottle. (you may want to add some drops of glycerine if you are in a cold climate).

What I use: I have this pink bottle of Vitamin E mist by bodyshop, which I usually use over my make-up. Am starting the plain water spray in the morning.

Step 2

Use a mild facewash and pat dry your face. Read again.. pat dry not scrub.

What I use: kiehl’s Ultra facial cleanser for all skin type. Yes, I am a total Keilhs nerd

Step 3

Toner is important. They say Gulab Jal is the best toner. This is used for closing the pores that open up with the washing or scrubbing. Our pores open to eliminate dirt even with plain simple water.

What I use: Toner from kiehl’s and sometimes when those pimples sprout out the astringent on the spot works wonders.

Feel free to continue your usual regime if it is a normal day. Moisturizer, sunscreen. But if it an evening of partying, then..

Step 4

Makeup trick for the glow. Use some ice cubes on your face. This massage will not only cool your soul, it will make your face glow. It helps in closing all the open and oily pores and increases blood circulation. This is a sure shot refresher and a dewy look. This trick is from my mom and it worked every time.

Step 5

Moisture Magic. Well moisturized is the key. Use an oil free one. Use it as the base for your base. Let it settle for 5 mins and then check if you really need a base/primer/concealer. You may want to try the BB cream tint too. I would suggest avoid too much layering.

What I use: Alternating between

·         NARS all day luminous weightless foundation. It is the lightest I have ever laid my hands on.

·         MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

·         Etude House BB cream (Korean Brand)

Step 6

Use good quality products when it comes to cosmetics. Read the instructions and ingredients well. And yes. Use clean brushes and sponges. They harbor germs and bacteria. If you are someone who is not a regular in using makeup. Blog it out or youtube it for the kind of look. Go bold, go subtle! Have fun creating. Dazzle the world.

Just before you hit the sack.

Take it out if you have put it on! Remove it before you say a good night. Shed the layers. Use a makeup remover. Oil based, cream based, wipes whatever you like. Remember remember.. even the kajal. They are stubborn but please take them off. Left over kajal are also one of the reason for those dark circles.

What I use: My favourite is baby oil massage and wipe off. Facewash and dab of Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil. I am dewy to bed and welcome my wonder sleep.

Yes! Wonder sleep it is. Even if it is late night. Try and make sure you have minimum 7 hours of sleep. Do not tell yourself that you do not have time. I am sure you will find a way.

Sip on that best drink. Water. Drink more water that the usual. Best remedy for all the dehydration cos of alcohol, late nights, pollution etc etc..

P.S: This isn’t a lot of work. It is just some ways to shower love to your skin. You love your skin, your skin loves you back. Yes, it is that magical. Tried and tested.

Spread love and happiness wherever you go. Go bask in the glory of your worth-it moment.
 P.S: This gorgeous ethinic box is a gift from a dear friend. Love it Nidhi, I had to feature this on OStruck.

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