Durga and the fun-fair

The soft mul cotton brushed against my skin each time I walked. Airy and light as a feather. Summer friendly and in this I will want to be a part of the flash mob.

Well, we were a week back going through one of the hottest months of the year and the Bengali Carnival co-incided. Durga Puja, addas, food from the stalls and meeting friends in 37-degree heat. The Puja Shamianas captured the heat out of those jarring halogens in the ground, but dressing up and chilling out there in the midst of the maddening crowd (who are also actually chilling) is the fun part and utmost important.

So, the sight was Sultry! Sultry days and sultry muses sashayed in their prettiest and trendiest of outfits in and around the mother goddess and together they displayed relaxed power and grace.

The story of mother goddess visiting her maiden house with her kids bounces back to action. The mythological story of how she was requested by all the gods to emerge in her power and stop the demons. The demons had taken over the worlds and the gods were pushed out of their own houses (heavens) and were walking on the earth, all confused. Does this story ring a bell? In our own consciousness? The demons within us and the god(dess) power with in us. For the confusion, victimization etc etc to go, somewhere within the goddess has to be requested to come alive. Leaving you all with this thought with a smile on my lips , I am going back to the feast, and dressing up part.

The sultry hot days and the desperate need to wear something light. So, my new possession came right on time as a gift. The gift was this pretty-looking-light-weighted saree. Yes, it is the Mul Cotton.  

Here I present to you another eco-friendly print and a super brilliant fabric. And, this time it is from our very own colourful Rajasthan. The traditional print called Bagru a quaint block printing technique loved world-wide. If you travel to Jaipur anytime soon, include in your itinerary, a definitive time to check out these creations. I have heard that they mastered this art locally. These artisans are enjoying this craft for over 300 years. The dyes used are all natural and I would love to witness the making…live!

Like I say, This fabric and the feel of this print is so comfortable that I could sleep in this saree.

A word of caution, always get your sarees ready before you wear it. I mean to say, get the fall stitched at the lower edge before you drape it. Otherwise, it may have a tear by your high heels leaving you feel sorry. Well, no points for guessing what I did in a moment of greed.(Facepalm!)

Some captures while I Pandal hopped with my family and friends and hogged on some Bengali delicacies.

Power lies deep within, all we have to do is acknowledge and flaunt! 
The mythological story depiction
Love for the autos

The red is important
Mul Cotton and Organic print

Pictures taken by: Abhinandan Chakraborty


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  1. Love thy tattoo. And the post.
    Joi Maa Durga (:


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