Be careful about the perfume you pick.

My Perfume Story
I declare myself a parfum addict today. This is a realization, as every time I pick a fragrance for use I lovingly call it my favorite perfume. I chuckled today! Who doesn’t like all good things in life and I think Perfume tops the list.
Like I say, every perfume has a place or time or memory attached like a glue to it. (For me). Last evening when I was reading my book plonked on my bed almost halfway lying down and also thinking what should be my insta post for tonight. That’s when Chloe popped up. I love to sniff this like an addict sniffs iodex. The best part about this one that it stays on forever. Really till the next wash. (I am not exaggerating)

From where I picked it up?

From the Changi duty free. Each time I travel out of the country perfume is my go-to section. Chloe was surely my ‘that’ perfume spray for the holiday. This one lingered around all the while. What I remember is this insane ride in universal studio, Singapore. Flash of the moment I was thinking about Final destination (the movie) and flash of the moment I could smell Chloe and smiled. Yes! all this while I yelled my lungs out.
Little bit about the Perfume now…
Chloe is associated with the feminine. It seems to me as if there is a girl named Chloe and it is her story. Every perfume of this brand has a stage of rose as inspiration. From the subtle smell of a closed bud to lingering effect of a full bloom beauty. A Parisian celebration of feminity and power.
Why am I not surprised!! I love it as it also has the powdery and velvety feel to the fragrance. Few of the top notes are Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey, Magnolia flowers, rose and a dash of amber, which makes it crisp.
Take note please: Not all perfumes suit everyone alike. Sometimes the perfume smells acidic. I suggest try it out and be with it for a while to make your decision. Perfume needs to blend in and that’s how it becomes your signature.    

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  1. i do i am says:

    I love perfumes too. My all-time favourite is Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden and a close second is Eternity by Calvin Klein followed by CK One. There's something to be said about smelling good. I think it's the best thing one can wear! It's perfume that makes a bigger impact for me than clothes. Their memory is more sublime and lasting.

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