BBlunted: An experience!

Those big pink pipes on the ceiling was a pleasant sight while I got my shampooing done.
Well, I have had considerably long(ish) hair for the past two years, which I mostly kept up in a high bun. As a disciplined regime, I use argan oil serum immediately after hairwash.Then I, twist and turn to up-tie them. Here is why..
  1. Would give me a sleek and neat look.
  2. No Frizz on my naturally wavy & dry hair
  3. Gave my waves a definite curls effect when open
While I enjoyed getting compliments on my hair, there was also a part of me, which wanted to get back to my short-hair-smart cuts. That saying is so true, “Life is too short to wear boring hair”
Hehe, coming back to those Pink pipes on the ceiling. I booked an appointment at BBlunt salon for a long bob. Still unsure, if I wanted to take my hair length off.
Oh btw, the salon decor is so gorgeous!! Almost white, rugged wooden flooring and those pink pipes for an accessory to the ceiling. Old world charm colors and mirrors.
While I waited admiring the salon, Christina Creado the charming style director, BBlunt, started to understand the health of my hair and scalp. I described a sketchy image of what could be my next haircut. Obviously, ‘manageable’ is the key word.
She sniped here and she snipped slant. What I have after all the scrunch and diffuser is this final look.

With Christina just after the cut 
The best tip Christina passed on to me yesterday is that our hair needs moisturization too like our skin. Invest in a good leave-in cream. There are quite a few good products available in the market. You should consult your stylist on your next visit( set an alarm please). Your stylist can recommend creams as per your hair type and scalp condition.
What I picked up: Kerastase Creme Oleo-Curl. Keeps my hair soft and supple. Immediately worked on the frizz in our humid tropical climate. Tamed it timely.
Some tips I gathered along the way  
  • Using oil on your hair / scalp needs to be done with care. They are very heavy products. Make sure you don’t end up over using your shampoo. You might end up doing more damage to your hair by getting the pores open and damaged.
    • If you feel like ‘champi’ on your head then use it only on the roots of your hair and massage well. Wash off immediately  
  •  Be miser with conditioners. Use a 25 paise coin for the quantity.
  • Serum is for wet hair. Wet it out for best results. Use it for locking the pores out.
  • With age, chemicals & changing weather, our scalps are bearing the brunt. Pamper them well. Deep conditioning is the idea. At home or at salon, whatever works.
  • Leave-in cream is my latest to this list.
  • And finally, eat nutritious food. Drink enough water, stay hydrated, and stay happy.
I will tell you the all about the products (Ancient and latest) I use, some other day in some other post.  
While I enjoy my new short haircut and rejoice my detangled curls. You go and call your hair stylist right now or try out Bblunt. (website is a good option to know about what they have on offer)
P.S: The ritual for scalp is next on my next visit.  
Signing off as I soak in more of I-am-worth-it moments. Catch you very soon.
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  1. Glad you liked it. I am sure it will be helpful as your hair texture is similar to mine


  2. Debjani says:

    Looking great and superb tips on hair..shampoo and scalp


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