My Best Friend’s Wedding

Every Lehenga has a story!

The Hunt
I am always on a hunt for a dressmaker, whose only competency is to be able to transform my quirks to a whole outfit and do it effortlessly. People who know me also know about my OK tailors back in Kolkata. He has stitched me some gorgeous pieces. I miss that old man.
This old master would do wonders to my fabrics and ideas, give it a form. I owe him for being the reason behind my quest for collecting gorgeous fabrics from local markets.
That’s the back ground!!
The Find
I was aimlessly roaming in a local market of Mumbai when I chanced upon this gorgeous yellow fabric. I went inside to find more such richly decorative similar silks. Woven brocades. I remembered the designer who I wanted to visit and voila! I picked the colours.
Yellow, Blue & Red.  Did I know what I wanted? May be yes. On a hind-sight I knew what I wanted.
The Make

My best friend (M), designer & I are talking on delivery. The urgency is immense as I plan to wear it for M’s wedding. M nudges me, whispers ‘It’s not even, anywhere remotely close, dude!’ I shrug and continue speaking about the urgency. Decide on a date of trial within a weak & then the delivery 2 days after.
Know what happened. I wore this magnificent accouter on M’s wedding just 2 days after the delivery.
Someone out there de-coded my message to the universe and reality struck with a bang.  
Have a look!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anindita Das says:

    Gorgeous lehenga


  2. i do i am says:

    Gorgeous as ever!


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