Chalk on black: Monochrome

Taking you back to the classroom set of black board. The canvas for the white lime to glide through and form words. To simply put, It were white letters on pitch black board! We have been exposed to a beautiful world of blacks and whites since then. The Monochrome world.
Such a simplistic and yet a powerful color pallet is at our disposal. Monochrome is the combination of using tones of these colors together. Whatta fun concept.
The last week I picked out blacks and whites for my office wear and that gave me this idea of speaking to you about how these basic colors can bring the zing. (I hear, I hear that we belong to the country of colors) so, you have the creative wand. Roll it over and set the stage on fire.
I have some of my work wear looks here from the last week.It was a shorter working week for the public holiday on Friday.
Take a look at what I could put together each morning before I rushed out for office.
On Monday: The stripes and black pencil high waist skirt. Oh! Btw, horizontal strips and body types have no connection at all. Just incase, if you have already started thinking the fat and thin cliché discussions scenarios. You love stripes, wear them!
I knew some scientist someday will prove that these illusions rarely make any impact on body types. I am happy to know and tell that people have worked on countering those beliefs, those horizontal and vertical beliefs.
Tueday was fun with drapes. I decided on my favorite kurta from FabIndia and wore a white pallazo as the contrast. Sprinkled some light blue and shimmer too.
Wednesday was a hint of Victorian. A gathered pattern blouse teamed up with straight black skirt gives a look of sheer dress, which the women wore during 1800’s in summers.
Thursday, I played around with tones. Grey with black and white floral gave it a very relaxed look.
A Monochrome scheme is the most versatile – why not own it our way? You have an option of using colours, neons, jewel to add the spunk to this canvas. Share how do you like to wear your whites and blacks setting the tone high.



One Comment Add yours

  1. i do i am says:

    Love the outfits! B&W is easy to screw up because it is so bold and dramatic. You have used it beautifully!


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