In the midst of this chaotic-running-errands kinda day, sometimes, someday our eyes get awestruck by that one expressive dramatized conversation. And, we stop to listen. Almost thinning into a magnetic state. This story is about being the one who can be the reason behind creating situations similar.
Finding and replacing the ‘clothes’ to ‘eye-makeup’ in this quote by Anne Klein. “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wears them will do”. Women who wear the eyes bold will change the world! Make the white of your eyes pop instead of aiming at enhancing the colour.
Eyes in itself is a very important part of expression. ‘Only if looks could kill’ is just not a mere statement. It is the fact & fiction of this real world. I tug you and ask, how dramatic is your fiction?
Kohl(Kajal), is the love of our lives. I take the liberty to talk on behalf of most of the Indian women. When we forget to rim our lower lashline with Kajal, don’t we hear one or two people ask you, if you are feeling alright? That black pigment dates back several years. We have learned to get creative with it. Not now, but even this cycle goes a long way back. It is an ancient recipe. Creating, recreating and getting inspired is a never-ending cycle of this.
Remember Cleopatra-ish cat eye? The streaks are so symbolic of her.
I had read it somewhere and my grand-ma once told me that they used to wear Kajal to keep their eyes cool in hot summer days. I have this thing for knowing where it came from. Our history is very rich and everything that we use today has a reason behind it. Some of them are surely cool.
The whole of last week ‘Eyes’ was trending in #Ostruck (hehe). Harsha, the lead and muse of this story suggested 3 of her favorite basic looks on eyes which gives her the edge, drama and playfulness. So, when she shared the pictures with me initially, I could read her expressions and we had this descriptive exchange of few whatsapp chat messages.
The bright golden Sunny Eyes as she calls it makes her feel alive & on the edge. She says this represents her in all forms. Her casual side, her love affair with nature, the rockstar, the sensual streak. She described to me as if there is a girl in every woman, and there a woman in every girl. What would YOU do to emote this emotion?


Her Dramatic Dreamer look: Watch out she will flutter her lashes any moment now. The hint of pink over smudged lined eyes are fabulous option for the Indian festive season. Imagine a black or a white outfit to go along with this look.


Mysterious One, she says with a hint of desirous laughter in her conversation. She tells me in the same breath, my mysteries will never be fully resolved. The fun is when I am not trying to resolve them but play along.

We could have gone ahead and given you all a tutorial right here, right now but that is not the agenda. Our attempt was to tap that inner child out, asking her to strike that chord of creativity. Draw those lines and colour your lids. Use your buttery canvas eyes as an added prop to leave an impact strong, bold & smokey. If you do not know how to, then all you have to do is…. start today. Go google and charm the world bold. You go girl!!
Lead on this story: Harsha Chopda, a young passionate actress who is also a complete nerd. Loves her subjects and made sure she topped her university exams.(Instagram: harshachopda)
Behind the camera for two of these clicks is Dolly Bhavsar (Instagram : dolls_click)  

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you Sukhi. Means a lot.Love


  2. sukhi says:

    absolutely smashing. My two favourite women together. Keep going ~~~


  3. zeenat khan says:

    This is really awesome. ……gr8 going! !!!!


  4. zeenat khan says:

    This is really awesome…..gr8 going!!!!!


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