The Magic box of aroma

The body bath ritual
Tell me you guys pamper yourself in the bath. Tell me you do not rush in and out of shower. Well, I insist on slow shower time and that too an aromatic one. Alright, I hear you. May be once in a while. I really insist!
This post of mine is inspired by the gift pack from Guerlain Eau Imperial body soap. The French perfume house takes their notes extra seriously. They launched this perfume in the 1800’s and I have no idea when the bath products came out. Nevertheless, this is the ‘it’ citrus. Therefore, you can imagine the fragrance of that body soap clouds your bath time and and…
For me it is Unisex! The lady of the house.. surely go for it and all you men out there pick one out for yourself too.
Btw, I have not been using soaps from the time douche emerged in this market. I personally think they are convenient. Plus right now I have got used to it. But but but this white bulb of aroma (referring to Guerlain soap) caught my attention and took my mind away..
Thank you Guerlain.


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