Go bold with Plaid

Winter or no Winter, Plaid is coming.
Plaid is back with a storm this season. Plaid is originally and typically a woollen cloth. Remember that blanket we used back in the 80’s or even before. Yeah that is the pattern, which is planning a crash back at hijack our wardrobe now. If, I had the option of redoing my house then I would have made corners out of plaid patterns to give it more cosy feel. So yeah, the home decor and the clothing lines are going to offer us gorgeous and generous options in criss-cross plaids.
Make a bold statement with the old school plaid look this season and call me to tell me about that compliment you bagged.
I started small with a midi plaid skirt with a ruffled silk top. The pictures don’t have the jacket

on but I punched it up with a jet black short fitted one today.

Another look I have for this elegant rebel is with a shirt and a lightweight snug sweater.
Let your imaginations captured these bands in varied colours. Love much 
P.S: I picked up this skirt from Uniqlo. One of my go to stores when I travel out of India. Waiting for it in India.

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