Fashion week (not) from the first row.


But from the touch screen. yo!!

Ostruck’s Instagram feed is trending a veritable catwalk straight from NY and I have been skipping a beat each time they sashay around in those epic outfits. I have been waiting for some of these eccentric lots to showcase the skyline for a week.To give an analogy, it is how the cricket lovers subscribe to RSS feeds and go online to catch on what’s happening.
The unpredictable trends takes on a whole new dimension on what will be available on malls this season and it is a sheer glee. You believe it or not, these trends curate the reachable trends.
So, what’s my take on the trend this season? A bird’s eye view (off the screen eye view instead) is that the clothes asks you to relax. Focus is on simplicity and no fuss. Breezy fluid flowy. Wear your hair relaxed too. Soft, wavy, flowy, creamy, velvety, dreamy which will take the centre stage. Guess the mission here too is #Letgo.
Well, are you ogling at those luxe on display?
Enjoy the show you fashion addicts!


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