A whole linear drama

Practical & straight forward sometimes.. drama, and depth sometimes. The dressing up scene is so much fun. If someone pinpoints and asks me what is your style? I will be so confused. I will answer vague. With such  an awesome range of styles around, why restrict? I love to flow. I love to explore. I love it linear. I love all what is unique and odd one out. The quest to create is the core and rest of it just seeks me.
Look 1: Straight & linear
Check out two of my looks in the same place on consecutive days.

Look one: A bright blue shirt top with a formal cut white shorts.The loafers add definition to the whole look. A simple, straight and linear look. Slip it on and step in.

Look 2: Dramatic
Look two: Floral maxi dress. I think, I have used and abused this magnificent one to its fullest. All my friends would have seen me wearing this atleast once if not more. The fit and the fall is so dramatic and yet comfortable. Black and pink is one of the best combination for me. It is playful and brings out the feminine element.
Thanks for stopping by. Fill me up with some styles that style your attitude.

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