The Design Story, Tattva

Given enough threads, I could rule the world…
A NIFT Mumbai alumni and a design enthusiast got together and are spinning a wonder tale of textiles and fabrics. Infused them in items of home décor and named it ‘Tattva’. Tattva is equal to elements and their inspiration is creations from wonders on earth. I was witness to both of them talking about Mumtaj, Ganne ka Rass, Sea lotus. Brings a smile, right? The drapes get their names when their quirky minds are at play.
I was sipping on my green tea and having a warm-hearted discussion on textiles and silks in India. I remembered these lines, made a quick note of it and here I write. “ Why did she make things? Well, she enjoyed it, ofcourse. But it also somehow helped her remember who she was and where she came from.” This is somehow her tribute to those weavers who believe in pure threads and not mix or synthetic.
These two powerhouses can transform your space with their spontaneous ideas with aesthetics & handpicked fabrics. Connect with them on Facebook page “Tattva” or contact the effervescent, Sona Bose at
Meet the team and look at myGanne-ka-rass sheer curtains.

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