Perfumes & Chemistry!!

LoveAlways Oindrila
Perfumes for me is a wonderland. It transports me to a world of fragrance, notes, elements and emotions. They say, a perfume may respond different on different people and even the experts are not sure what makes these scents go all moody. I say, a perfume responds different on me basis occasions. I have memories based on perfumes. First on my list is my all-time favorite Love in Paris by Nina Ricci. Was it the moment or the perfume itself, I will never know.
Love in Paris is space between dream and reality and so, it was for me. My wedding was one of its kind. This scent (always), triggers the memory of my wedding and of that time. This lingering one has high notes of spice, mid note of peonies and roses and crystalline base of wood and vanilla.
As Paris is always a good idea, so is this bottle of intense charm. It is romance in a small bottle.
Have you made your story of scent, yet?

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