A confession

LoveAlways Oindrila
This particular dress that i had picked up few years back has become my favourite these days. There was a time I used to train under Mickey Mehta’s suburban centre. So, the works of power yoga, circuit trainings, cardio, strength exercise were all done post work. I stayed fit, lost oodles of weight, developed my stamina and the best thing which happened was my lifestyle changed for better. I still try and eat healthy, maintain non-erratic lifestyle and try and sleep on time (read early). With my on and off workout sessions I havenot been able to maintain the size zero but what the heck!! I urge people reading this to come out of the fascination to be skinny or be like that model on gloss. Be real. Be you!! Kiss yourself in the mirror every morning and say it aloud I love the way I am.

P.S.. I love you errr this dress looks better on me after I have put on those few kilos.

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